Target groups

Candidate researchers

Creating new scientific researchers ensures the supply of the latest information and research results. The project wishes to achieve this through inviting foreign lecturers, holding national scientific seminars and meetings, designating topics, preparing lectures and publications, attending scientific conferences and giving presentations.


Continuous training enables child psychiatry specialists to keep their knowledge up-to-date thereby improving the management of patients. Continuing education courses for GPs and paediatricians enable them to join the prevention of childhood mental diseases, treat less complicated cases at the level of primary health care and send more complicated ones to an increasing number of child psychiatrists. The compilation of diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines would make up-to-date, uniform child psychiatry care available all over the country.

Candidate specialists (residents)

Increasing the number of specialists, launching a specialisation training that is of a European level would make it possible for patients to receive treatment according to the principles of modern, evidence based medicine. By improving the financial background of the trainer universities we could provide up-to-date care in child psychiatry. With a higher number of specialists we could approach the European average, and the 10 million inhabitants of Hungary would have 240 practising child psychiatrists instead of the current 60-80 ones. A comprehensive course book of a European standard is necessary for candidate specialists to prepare for their exams. The project is planning to meet this need.

Medical students

By announcing special courses then compulsory optional courses for medical students, we expect to achieve a desirable increase in the number of students choosing this field of medicine as well as more interest on part of those practising in other fields.