Aims of the project

General aims

The aim of the project is to improve the mental health of children (especially that of those with some handicap, belonging to the Roma population, or who are mentally, physically or sexually abused), thereby assisting the prevention of psychic diseases in the present and future adult population.

Specific aims

1. Introducing compulsory optional courses in the training of medical students. Only diseases that we can detect can be prevented or treated. If medical students get to know child psychiatry syndromes, their development, methods of prevention or simple interventions, they will be able to intervene in the first stage of prevention when working as GPs or paediatricians. This way they can decrease morbidity in child psychiatry.

2. Launching specialisation training in child psychiatry, increasing the number of specialists. The treatment of high child psychiatry morbidity significantly exceeds the capacity of those 60-80 specialists who work in this field at present. In order that patients got appropriate treatment, 200-300 specialists would be needed in the country. The theoretical possibility exists as specialisation training in this field started on 1 October, 2004, but there is no such training system (curriculum, trainers, financial background) that could provide a high-level training. Our aim is to work out uniform requirements, theoretical and practical curriculum, testing methods for the 4 universities. After accrediting the training and the universities in Hungary, we would like to obtain European accreditation as well.

3. Continuous training of specialists As child psychiatry is a newly introduced specialisation, compulsory and optional courses have to be held so that we can keep the knowledge of specialists up-to-date, according to the expectations of our age and scientific achievements. This goal completely corresponds with the aim of HRD-OP which promotes 'lifelong learning'. Working out the curriculum, preparing the lecturers, ensuring venues for the courses and all the necessary arrangements need financial resources that we do not possess. The project would give us the opportunity to keep the knowledge of our specialists up-to-date.

4. Developing scientific research By educating scientific researchers we could ensure the possibility of further projects, so that we could get closer to the solution of issues yet to be clarified and also to the better management of patients.